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In the midst of the African American liberation struggle, protests to end the Vietnam War and the women’s movement for equality, Puerto Rican and Latinx communities fought for economic, racial and social justice. From the streets of Chicago to the barrios of New York City and other urban centers, the Young Lords Organization emerged to demand decent living conditions for Puerto Ricans and other Latinx in the United States and the end to the colonial status of Puerto Rico.

The Young Lords organized protests, free breakfast, clothing and health programs, and political education classes. The 1970 takeover of the People’s Church in East Harlem, New York became a symbol of militant resistance, brought national attention to the plight of Puerto Ricans, and galvanized a generation.

!Palante, Siempre Palante! The Young Lords documents the organization from 1969 through its demise in 1976. Through on-camera interviews with former members, archival footage, photographs and music, the documentary surveys Puerto Rican history, the Young Lords’ political vision and actions, and the organization’s legacy. The documentary was broadcast on national public television in 1996 as part of POV: The American Documentary Series and is a recipient of the Silver Apple Award from the National Educational Media Alliance. The documentary continues to be screened at community venues, schools, and film festivals across the United States and the Caribbean.