Women of the Black Panther Party and the Young Lords

History of Color. Ep. 03 – The Young Lords with Iris Morales
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WCQS-North Carolina


– Black Power 50 Films: Palante Siempre Palante at the Schomburg Center
Hostos Marks International Women’s Day With Special Visit From Iris Morales
The Legacy of the Young Lords: A Conversation
1040 Lounge: Women of the Young Lords
Juan Gonzalez Moderates Panel: Young Lords Party and the Modern Latino Community

– [VIDEO] Women of the Young Lords Panel -Part 3 at The Bronx Museum of the Arts

2010 -2014:

A Call to Action: Stop the War against the Zapatista Communities
Women of Color and Feminism in the 1970s: Data Modeling
Darrel Enck Wanzer Iris Morales Denise OliverVelez – The Young Lords A Reader
Palante: Voices and Photographs of the Young Lords, 1969-1971
Why Read the Young Lords Today? Iris Morales and Denise Oliver-Velez
Latino History and Culture: An Encyclopedia by David J. Leonard, Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo


Sisters, Brothers, Young Lords
Mujeres of the Young Lords
The Puerto Rican Movement: Voices from the Diaspora edited by Torres and  Velázquez
Young Lords: Vital in 60’s, A Model Now